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How To Sell Like A Pro!

How To Sell Like A Pro!
Is your fear of being 'too pushy' or 'salesy' preventing you from reaching your potential and increasing your business' income?
To learn how to overcome your fear of selling, join Small Business Britainand sales expert James Newell for a brilliant FREE webinar on Monday 19th April.
About the session:
Selling is all about good communication and finding a connection point (not techniques and trickery). When you focus on communication and forget the need to “sell or be sold” you can relax, be yourself and achieve better results.
If this is you, this webinar will help you to learn & understand:
  • The main reasons why people fear 'selling' 
  • Actionable strategies to overcome these blocks 
  • How to increase your sales authentically 
  • Improve your communication & connection with your customers 
About your host:
James Newell is the founder of CLEAR Sales Message, helping business leaders effectively and commercially communicate their offering and sell with confidence.

The event will start on: Mon 19 Apr 2021 - 11:00am

From 11:00am ending at 12:00pm

Venue: Online

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