Winning Bids - a free workshop

Ever wondered why your networking isn't turning into interest or sales?


Maybe you get invited to pitch, but never seem to be picked?


Or maybe it is difficult to get people to commit to meetings?


If so maybe a fresh look at how you are communicating and how people are hearing you might be the key to changing your fortunes.


This workshop is designed for those who are looking to win more long-term sales by maximising the opportunities for their business and product range through developed relationships and powerful pitching strategies.


Effective networking and impactful pitching are essential if you are looking to maximise the use of your time and communication exposure. Building your professional network of connections and developing long-term relationships creates a healthy environment of opportunity. How you pitch and position your solutions will separate business success from organisational failure.


This interactive and fast-paced workshop will explore how to massively enhance your communication influence within networking and pitching environments.  


Key outcomes from this course:

This can be delivered free of charge thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund.


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