How to become more sustainable
What does it mean to be a 'sustainable' business and what are the first steps to take on your small business journey?
Small Business Planet is delighted to team up with Sustainable Pathways for a one hour in-depth session specifically for small business owners wanting to understand sustainability.
Do join us on Friday August 6th at 11AM.
What you will learn in this session:
  • What next steps you need to take to on your sustainability journey
  • Understand the fundamentals of sustainable development
  • Networking with like minded small businesses who are on their sustainability journey
This session is only open to a limited number of businesses, please only register if you are able to make it on the day.
A global task force of independent coaches, consultants and facilitators working as one to support people, organisations and communities to create an even better world where people live, think and work sustainably with ease.
Follow the Small Business Planet campaign
Small Business Planet is a campaign delivered by Small Business Britain to engage small businesses in climate action and encourage them to commit to making their business "net zero". This is part of the global initiative to #RaceToZero - to commit the planet to net zero emissions by 2050.
The campaign will help small businesses make that commitment through a series of educational events, content and expert advice on how they can address their impact on emissions and reduce our collective impact on the planet.