News Message from Phoenix Resource Centre


Message from Phoenix Resource Centre

In partnership with the Council, Phoenix Resource Centre are currently running advertising, music and community notices through the Bus Station alongside our internet radio station – Phoenix Live. I have attached some more information about this. This is something that would definitely benefit your organisation, both from a brand awareness / low cost marketing perspective and from a community / CSR perspective as Phoenix are a registered charity and the advertising comes under one of our Social Enterprises.

Although Radio advertising is expensive – normally at a cost worked out at £2 per 1000 listeners per ad, which for the Bus station with 100,000 people per week would work out at £200 per ad, we are offering this at £270 per month for a minimum of 3 ads played per day, 7 days a week. So that’s a minimum of 90 adverts a month for £270 compared to £18,000 for the same number of ads on a radio station / program with the same number of listeners as the bus terminal. We are also able to write and professionally record your adverts for £250 each – again, well below industry standard.

As this comes under the charity umbrella, this can either be invoiced, or as a donation, whichever budget you want it to come out of. This also gives you great CSR as all of the profit goes into the charities work, especially in Harlow and the surrounding areas, so effectively you are helping Phoenix Charity and Social enterprises to help people in Harlow and Essex, the UK and in the other Countries we work in and as such you are able and encouraged to promote this.

At the moment, we have an introductory offer with the first month half price. Also if you sign up for a 12 month period with the Bus Station, we will give you the same number of adverts on Phoenix Live for free. Phone Andy on 07415 104440 as we also have an additional deal for all Chamber members.