News A message from Parndon Mill


A message from Parndon Mill

Following a hint from a partially sighted member of the U3A at a meeting in Harlow last year, we are planning an exhibition we hope will be more accessible to and enjoyed by people with visual impairments. The Sense of Touch is for everyone who likes to touch, including children.

More than 25 exhibitors will contribute works in wool, glass, marble, paper, card, embroidery, wood and metal. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, all the work will be enjoyably tactile.

Sculpture will include an edition of Gerda Rubenstein’s Julia, which features in the Harlow Sculpture Collection.

Wall pieces range from a textile mural the size of a sheet embellished with a tree, a hanging made of raw sheep’s wool, fir cones and feathers and relief lettering. To be picked up and handled are felt vessels and solid glass oversize potatoes!

Altogether there will be a great variety of shapes and textures to explore. Music features too on Sunday 7th April at 4pm, when there will be a performance in the Project Space, where visitors are invited on a journey through sound which provokes an emotional response. This will be an intriguing experience.

We would like to feature work made by blind or partially sighted makers in the exhibition, so please do get in touch if you have visually impaired friends, colleagues or contacts who attend workshops in arts or crafts and would be interested to be involved.

We will be e-mailing out further info. in a few weeks and would be grateful if you would spread the word in any way you can.