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A number of our members are offering FREE advice.

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A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


It is currently estimated that a person is formally diagnosed with Dementia every 3 minutes and that there will be over 1 million people with dementia by 2021.  Dementia is one of the key issues for our country.  It will have a significant impact upon retailers, health providers, social care and local government. With this in mind; communities need to understand what is required to help and support people living with dementia, their loved ones and carers in future years.  The benefits of having a greater understanding of the needs of people living with dementia include:

  • Being recognised as leaders in breaking down stigma
  • Increasing confidence in dealing with all customers
  • Enhancing reputation as a socially responsible company/organisation
  • Making changes now to anticipate the growing need from customers and staff
  • Complying with the law – Equality Act (2010)
  • Consumers adequately protected
  • Access to services as inclusive as possible
  • Increasing footfall and therefore potential sales
  • Evidencing a commitment to people living with dementia, their loved ones and carers
  • Empowering staff to provide a quality service to people with dementia.
  • Having a greater understanding of the difficulties people with dementia may face and how to support them.
  • Understanding the difficulties carers/loved ones may experience and how to support them.
  • Exploring the possibility of Harlow being awarded the nationally recognised Dementia Friendly Communities kite-mark.
  • Ensuring that services are equipped to meet the needs of our customers both now, and in the future.
  • Providing the opportunity to promote our services with national and local news and PR opportunities.
  • Supporting staff who are/may become carers or who may go on to develop dementia.
  • Developing transferrable skills and benefits, i.e. meeting the requirements of people with dementia will also help in meeting the needs of other marginalised groups.
  • Meeting legal obligations (including the Equalities Act)

Harlow Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) has arranged for Mark Neville of the Alzheimer’s Society (Essex) to present a free Dementia Friends and Action Session which will provide information on the issues faced by people living with Dementia, their loved ones and carers.

The session will enable those attending to gain a greater knowledge of Dementia. As local communities planning for the future, we can be more inclusive, ensuring Harlow services are aware of the local requirements and meet their legal duties under the Equality Act, helping us develop Dementia Friendly Communities. 

As an identified key stakeholder this meeting will help you to:      

•           Gain a greater awareness of the challenges people with Dementia may face

•           Understand the difficulties carers/loved ones can experience

•           Develop transferrable skills, i.e. Meeting the requirements of people with Dementia will also help in meeting the needs of other marginalized groups

The session will take place commencing 1pm on 18 January 2019 in Committee Room 1A, Harlow Council, Civic Centre and will last for approximately 90 minutes.  Following the session you are invited to attend a 1-hour Harlow Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) meeting where we will be looking to discuss how we take Harlow forward as a Dementia Friendly Community.

Please RSVP to Becci Court This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Meetings in 2019

Our first meeting in 2019 will be on Feb 12th.

Find out more and book your (free) place here

We are looking for suggestions for venue, topics and speakers for next year.

Please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Lower Thames Crossing - consultation event

Essex County Council are running a consultation event about the new Lower Thames Crossing.

It takes place at Hylands House on Dec 5th

Find out more here

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