About Committee



Meet the Harlow Chamber Committee

Here is the current list of the committee members helping the HDCC to run smoothly


  • Chair
  • Michael Harrowven, HTS
  • Honorary President
    Michael Shine
  • Honorary Vice President
    Mike Adams, The Excellent Group
  • Treasurer
    Damon Bailey, Bailey Book-Keeping
  • Committee Members
  • Jonathan Clarke, Attwaters Jameson Hills, Solicitors
  • Chris Carpenter, Loqii
  • Amy Jacobs, St Clare Hospice
  • Julie Houston Harlow Council
  • Jenny Pigram, Manor of Groves
  • John Phillips, HTS
  • Lewis Ratcliffe, Price Bailey
  • Gary Salisbury, Harlow College
  • Rina Sond, Longmores Solicitors
  • General Manager
    Ian Hudson
  • Accounts Executive
    Carol Byatt