Creating a Thriving Essex economy


Creating a Thriving Essex economy

Business has a vital role to play in driving a visionary and forward-thinking economy, therefore we invite you to join committed and enthusiastic business leaders to set out views and ideas to help shape the future economy of Essex.

This business led workshop will provide you and your business the opportunity to:

  • Hear from regional and national business leaders, on how innovation, digitisation and connectivity offer opportunities for our economy;
  • Discuss areas of interest to your business, put forward ideas and be part of working groups to find solutions to real business issues;
  • Find out how to get involved and together help solve the issues and concerns that matter to your business.
  • Take part in decision making that affects you, the economy of Essex and our future prosperity.

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The event will start on: Tue 26 Mar 2019 - 8:15am

From 8:15am ending at 10:30am

Venue: Down Hall

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