Events March networking meeting


March networking meeting

GSK are hosting our March event.

We hope that members of the Essex Institute Of Directors will join us

Members - £10, Guests - £20


Richard Morris from The Giving Machine and Mike Clargo of Tesseracts are our speakers


Richard's book - Givenomics - describes how giving can create sustainable success for companies, customers and communities


.Are current business models part of the problem or part of the solution? Givenomics draws upon the experience of building a not for profit social enterprise called TheGivingMachine from an idea into a successful venture that has already generated its first half a million free donations to date. In looking at the social impact' it was clear that there was something deeper at work in the way companies' customers and communities were being connected to make a positive difference for all. The result is Givenomics -a concept for those who want to see businesses as a force for good with new ways to engage their customer base' customer empowerment to support their communities and new ways for community organisations to gain and maintain vital support in a tough climate.

Mike will concentrate on customer service and competitive strength.


Why do organisations exist? Organisations exist because human beings can be more efficient and effective together than is possible individually. In other words, our organisations owe their competitive edge to the mass of internal linkages and relationships that make our people better than they could ever be on their own.


However, while we have data which measure the outcome of all of these links and relationships, we have always struggled to measure the quality of the links themselves.


But now, recent internet developments provide a way in which we can not only measure the quality of our internal links, but also the quality of the links we have with our customers, suppliers and partners, and thereby opens up the possibility of far greater control of our competitive strengths.


You can get a feel of Mike's talk here

The event will start on: Wed 13 Mar 2013 - 5:00pm

From 5:00pm ending at 7:00pm
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