Events Good Directorship – How to best steer your business through organisational change and challenge


Good Directorship – How to best steer your business through organisational change and challenge

In conversation with CMA Chair Jonathan Scott and Companies House Chief Executive Louise Smyth 

What can attendees expect from the session?

We are living in unprecedented times; in the midst of a global pandemic and approaching the end of the transition period for EU exit. 

Now more than ever it is vital that business leaders are fully in tune with the operations they govern.  During this talk Jonathan and Louise will discuss how directors can best equip themselves and support the staff and operations they lead, to overcome the current economic challenges that are putting unprecedented pressure on businesses today. 

The CMA is committed to empowering entry and expansion by firms (stopping exclusionary or exploitative practices by large incumbents) and encouraging competition on the right things (price, innovation and quality) not a race to the bottom.

From a CMA perspective:

• We know the majority of businesses want to do the right thing in times of crisis however we also know it is in challenging times like these, when businesses are under pressure to protect margins in the face of economic uncertainty, that anti-competitive practices can be more prevalent.
• Now more than ever, senior leaders should be on high alert to the risk of illegal business behaviours creeping into operations. 

• Company directors have a special responsibility to deter and root out suspect anti-competitive business practices.  Ultimately, if the law is broken, senior leaders are held to account and the consequences are significant (large fines, director disqualification of up to 15 years and even prison in the most serious criminal cases).
• The CMA has advice at hand to assist directors in ensuring governance is in tune with competition rules. 

• As a NED and competition lawyer, Jonathan has first-hand experience of guiding boards through periods of upheaval to ensure they stay on the right side of the law and thrive.

• As Chair of the CMA Jonathan provides an insightful perspective on learnings from the CMA’s Covid Taskforce, the economic impact on businesses at large and his thoughts on how business’ can best respond to the rapidly changing economic environment.

The event will start on: Thu 26 Nov 2020 - 1:30pm

From 1:30pm ending at 2:45pm

Venue: Online

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