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Harlow Business Exhibition

In 2009 3 Harlow business people met at a networking event and one – a NatWest Business Manager – asked why Bishop’s Stortford ran a successful annual Business Exhibition while Harlow did not.

They agreed that it was a good idea so looked around for a suitable location. Harlow Greyhound Stadium was identified as a large enough space and, to cut a long story short, the 1st Harlow Business Exhibition took place in June 2010 with around 40 exhibitors.

The 2nd Expo took in the same location with just over 50 local businesses.

In 2012 we moved to the Manor of Groves before moving to the Harlow LeisureZone in 2013 & 2014

The next 2 events were in Marquees in the Town Park and then Harlow Science Park.

While the Marquee gave extra space, it was more expensive and subject to the great British weather so in 2017 we moved back to the Manor of Groves where our 8th event took place on June 2017 when over 70 organisations exhibited and around 400 visitors attended.

We want 80 exhibitors and 500 visitors in 2018

Our aim is to make the Harlow Business Exhibition the ‘must do’ event for all companies who want to do business in the town and we are committed to making it bigger and better in future years.